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The project involves designing a toy for the Spastic Cerebral Palsy children. The project made me understand the process of design thinking and in reality made me realizes how to approach a problem and come out with a meaningful solution.

Spastic Cerebral Palsy is a neurological disorder which causes impairment of the motor functions. My target users were children of age group of 3 to 10 years and suffering from moderate condition of the disorder. The major problems faced by them are limited use of one side of the body and also restricted mobility of the limbs.

The best way to go through any child is through toys. And these children are no different from anyone else. So after understanding, talking with specialists and observing the behavioral pattern of such children this concept of the toy immersed. Statistic and research shows that playing greatly helps and influences the capability of a child. And cerebral palsy toys are important tools for their growth.

The aim of the toy is to bring about cognitive awareness, logical thinking and visual tracing along with better controlled movement of the limbs and hand- eye co-ordinations.

It is a screen based toy. The child interacts with the screen with the help of a physical interface. This interface is a maze provided with a joystick. The bases of the joystick are of the shape of triangle, circle, polygon, star and square. The movement of the joystick through the provided path of the maze will generate a line drawing on the screen which will finally represent some basic shapes which the child can relate to easily. For example it can form a flower and then through auditory feedback, a child can be taught about a simple aspects such as definition of flower, its color and shape. The paths of the maze are fixed so that the controlled movement of the joystick will help the child to increase their muscle coordination and hand- eye coordination. The stiffness of the muscles also gets reduced with physical exercise. The development of muscles increases the opportunity of independence.

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