Big Design: The Land of Me

“Utopia is thus to be seen essentially as a strategy. By imagining another reality, in a virtual present or in a hypothetical future, utopia is set as a strategy for the questioning of reality and of the present. Taking mainly the shape of a process, refusing the label of an ‘impossible dream’, utopia is a programme for change and for gradual betterment of the present; in that sense, it operates at different levels, as a means towards political, economic, social, moral and pedagogical reorientation. At last, utopia has become a strategy of creativity, clearing the way for the only path that man can possibly follow: the path of creation. By incorporating into its logic the dynamic of dreams and using creativity as its very driving force, utopia reveals itself as the (only possible?) sustainable scheme for overcoming the contemporary crisis.”

The Cambridge Companion to Utopian Literature edited by Gregory Claeys. p23

In this project you will design a state. There are 3 elements that need to be constantly explored, connected, revisited and refined:
1. The reason your state exists.
2. A state structure to support it (use Cindy’s guidelines, attached).
3. Elements of everyday life such as money, energy, food, transport, leisure,
entertainment, new media, communications, government, welfare, religion, technology,
shopping, farming that embody your state’s ideology.
These should be explored, iteratively, through two outcomes:
1. A backstory (similar to a film synopsis – 150 words) summarising its origins, dreams,
hopes, fears, ideals, beliefs, myths, values, threats, priorities, and so on. Consider its point of view, eg government, citizen, enemy, anthropologist.
2. Materialisations of its ideology in the form of products, technologies, systems, services, interactions, rituals, protocols.

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