The world of work is changing. Traditional degrees and careers that stem from them may become less valid in the workplace of the future. Instead, by 2030, young people might do well to consider working in one of the following fields:

Micro-energy traders

Much of our energy will be generated, transmitted and stored locally in the future. Interest will therefore grow in what will essentially be an “energy internet”, where households and small businesses buy, sell and trade energy within their own local communities. For example, if you have an electric car, but you don’t drive it very often, you could rent out its battery space to store energy for others on a temporary basis. Anyone with the necessary time and technical skills will therefore have the potential to become an energy trader.

Synthetic biologists

In the future we will grow energy or, more precisely, we will harvest algae that secrete bio-diesel. Synthetic biology, which is the next big thing that hardly anyone has heard of, is capable of this and a whole lot more. Of course, scientists in other countries are capable of exploiting new technologies too, but will they?

Read the full article by Richard Watson is the author of Future Vision: Scenarios for the World in 2040,  onwhat the future workplace will look like suggests graduates look at new markets

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