A triple axis Accelerometer, single axis MEMS Gyroscope are used in developing the wired band. The accelerometer is placed on the XZ Plane for measuring the acceleration of the hand movement and gyroscope is placed on the YZ plane.

The analogue values from these sensors were converted to digital signals by Arduino Duemilanove. The data acquired from the controller was then undergone the process of signal smoothing to avoid noise. The noises from the data were removed by applying moving average algorithm . Using Processing’s Serial I/O library, the data was represented in a graphical form for further analysis of motion signals. The data for different gestures can be inspected by using the visual representation from graph.

After the basic understanding of how these sensors work. We developed a small sketch in Processing. The video shows our first Prototype of my course on “Embedded Systems and Interaction Design” at National Institute of Design, India.

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